Download this fun and informative map of 16 viewpoints of the area for people to see and visit. Please click here to download the two-page PDF and print it.

It’s like a treasure hunt, a fun activity for families and visitors to do. Match the numbered map marker on the first page to the name and description on the second page, and fill in the blanks! It’s part of a great day out in Courtmacsherry!

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  1. Sue Archer

    Is it possible to get the answers to this somewhere please?
    Also, there’s 16 points and 16 photos but only 15 descriptions?

  2. Shane O Donovan

    Hi Sue there will be an Instagram page up and running after the weekend that will include the answers to all the locations .

    The first description on the back page covers 2 locations the Courtmacsherry Lifeboat and the Courtmacsherry beach points.